By combining functionality and aesthetics, the kitchen of your dreams is becoming a reality.

In addition to computer-aided design and project planning, the best service is offered to customers before and after sales. ZeGuMa uses the materials of world famous brands in the kitchens it produces. Thanks to its cooperation with these brands, it completes the accessories integrated with kitchen furniture.

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High Quality Superior Designs

ZeGuMa Products

Kitchen ZeGuMa Products

Modern and classic models, rich module alternatives, stainless steel mechanisms inside the cupboards appeal to all kinds of tastes a variety of accessories.
Bathroom ZeGuMa Products

By combining functionality and aesthetics, it turns the bathroom of your dreams into reality.
Rail Cabinet ZeGuMa Products

The rail cupboard, designed and manufactured according to your needs and space, combine the convenience of personal use and design comfort.

Today's Kitchen Solutions ...

If you want a kitchen that can be tailored to your taste, firm, comfortable but between industrially prepared kitchens you need to call because these are the only products that can satisfy your needs. These kitchens nowadays show that all of the craftsmanship is controlled by advanced technologies. It is able to offer the highest quality in reasonable prices. To be perfectly applicable to the location where they are used to prove their quality, to prove their resilience against time and use, to respect human health and the environment  they must comply with the rules. In addition, the installation of kitchens in homes must be done by authorized persons. To ensure this, manufacturers use materials from the design of the kitchen, has to make all the checks until delivery.

Principles for Choosing a Good Kitchen

How can you decide on the quality of a kitchen and decide how it suits your house? If you are faced with the appearance of a nice kitchen in a magazine or if you are affected by a brand that expresses its features and quality; it is possible to distinguish whether it is only a superficial product or indeed a brand quality product only by examining it more closely. It is very important to see the solutions that are exhibited, to hold them by hand and to get an idea about the product in order to determine whether everything is in line with your expectations. First of all, the presence of promotional materials suitable for the product is necessary to have the right information about all the features. Exclusive producers support their sales with various types of promotional tools. Producers who are more careful in this regard develop tools that can support all the information needs at the purchase stage more efficiently and effectively.

Kitchen is the most used environment in a house

Cooking, eating and family chat always take place in the kitchen. All facilities are used to meet these requirements at the desired level. Everything is easier in a kitchen designed with the requirements in mind. Whether the space for the kitchen is small or large, if it is well-organized with admired furniture and rational solutions, it surely responds to expectations. For this reason, it is very important to choose the type of kitchen where taste, functionality and creativity are integrated. Which design? What organization? What materials? What measures? Which Convenience? What Innovations? Different types of kitchens in magazines, televisions, brochures and showcases... But how do you choose the kitchen that will not be defeated by time in all these different models and various promises and meet the requirements? The best way out for a good choice is to know what features of today's kitchens should be. For this reason, all information about the kitchen should be collected and evaluated.

You can contribute as a customer to the forestation works in Turkey..

We support the Turkish Foundation for Combating Erosion, Reforestation And the Protection of Natural Habitats for each customer.